Blocks promotion 

Data Center Activation 

      Managing and guiding software activities of MOP namely

·        Digitalization.

·        Website.

·        Email system

·        Internet system accounting system.


Resumption of the Mala oil field

   Flood Mitigation Modeling.

Promotion of Mop Newly formed national companies by Council of Ministers Resolution no.26/2021 for the year 2021.

    E-crude accreditation handling in Sudan.

 Selling Government Crude entitlement from the produced Crude oil of the three concessional areas of DPOC, GPOC and SPOC.

Monitoring and supervising activities if JOCs of DPOC, GPOC and SPOC.

Writing regulation of (a) downstream, (b) oil enhancement and increment.

Construction of Murram road between Adar and Pagak for Logistics of critical materials.

Processing and man powering digitalization of MOP.

Construction of Petroleum Data Centre at UNMISS check point on the Yei road.

MOP Petroleum Report 

Djibouti MOP (Warehouse) land Development 

Processing of decommissioning activities and funding.
Construction of hangar for our planes
Fuel marking as per the resolution of the council of Ministers No 67/2014 and Ministerial Directive no. 02/2023 for the implementation of Resolution of Council of Ministers no. 67/2022
Monitoring and handling export Pipeline in the Republic of Sudan
Continuous training of MOP staff

 Conducting bidding round of new blocks (14).

Environment audit in the three concession areas of DPOC, GPOC and SPOC.

Mobilization of companies to undertake increment and enhancement of oil production from production-down wells.

   Conducting air magnetic survey company called South Sudan Geophysics company.

   Furnishing and equipping training Centre on the Airport road in Juba.

 Construction of MOP head quarter at UNMISS check point or the Yei road.