Admin And Finance Directorate

Functions Of Directorate Of Administration and Finance

The DFA is key directorate catering for employees, provision of facilities, administration, budgetary allocations and management of assets of MOP. In this regard, it shall perform the following functions, to:

  • 1. Carryout Human Resource Management in accordance with the laws.
  • 2. Strengthen and enforce administrative framework for the work undertaken by the MOP;
  • 3. Supervise personnel(MOP’s employees) and the application of employees regulations, guidelines and other relevant legislations;
  • 4. Prepare and manage the job records of MOP’s employees.
  • 5. Create conducive work environment.
  • 6. Provide, manage and maintain MOP’s premises and office space;
  • 7. Manage inventory
  • 8. Manage MOP assets and properties.
  • 9. Manage and Implement annual budget.
  • 10. Custodian of financial records (ledger books, cheques etc.) for the MOP
  • 11. Conduct procurement in accordance to laws and Regulations.

Admin & Finance