Monitoring and Evaluation Department

Functions Of Monitoring and Evaluation Department

  • 1. Provide technical leadership to develop project framework, plans and indicators to capture performance results and provide effective, accurate and timely monitoring, evaluation and reporting of all project activities.
  • 2. Provide leadership and direction on M&E to ensure the project achieves its goals and corresponding objectives and target.
  • 3. Oversee the development and implementation of the Performance Monitoring Plan.
  • 4. Lead strategic collaboration activities with Directorates to detect deviations from project data and adapt interventions as appropriate.
  • 5. Ensure quality of data through verification procedures, and this must be done routinely during the project lifecycle.
  • 6. Work with project and financial staff to prepare and track progress of project activities and budgets spending.
  • 7. Ensure confidentiality of project data during the work of the Evaluation Committee (EC).
  • 8. Lead the development of Project M&E strategy and Plans.
  • 9. Oversee the development and testing of M&E tools, approaches and databases.
  • 10. Collect all relevant data from the Projects implementers.
  • 11. Analyze the M&E data collected from implementing partners, identifying important issues and lessons, and communicating these to the relevant stakeholder to facilitate the implementation of feasibility and baseline studies where appropriate .
  • 12. Leads the design and implementation of high quality evaluations, ensuring that evaluation findings are used to improve programming and decision making.
  • 13. Review periodic technical reports of projects, provide appropriate comments and prepare consolidated quarterly reports.
  • 14. Recommend remedial actions in case of any disparity between planned and actual outputs.
  • 15. Receive monthly planned activities as per the annual work plan.
  • 16. Conduct quarterly meeting with all the departments/projects on the progress of annual work plan.
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