Quality Management & Archiving System Department

Functions Of Quality Management & Archiving System Department

  • 1. Focuses on requirements of quality improvement by understanding the current and future needs and the expectations of MOP’s employees.
  • 2. Strives to meet satisfactions of MOP’s employees through constant communication with the Management.
  • 3. Monitors the employee’s satisfaction from time to time and take appropriate measures to address factors that affect them.
  • 4. Engages all units in the quality management program such that objectives of quality management, assurance and control are achieved.
  • 5. Maintains a coherent system in order to achieve effective process management and efficient use of resources in the Ministry.
  • 6. Promotes development of administrative measures for improving performance, work process, procedures, staff capabilities, satisfactions through continuous education, enlightenment about basic tools to achieve improvements objectives.
  • 7. Develops and deploy processes to implement quality management program throughout MOP units.
  • 8. Conducts review and auditing of activities of MOP’s users’ departments to ensure that the objectives of quality improvement is achieved.
  • 9. Improves decision –making process through systematic analysis, interpretation and evaluation of data and information related to quality assurance, management and improvement.
  • 10. Develops policy and guidelines of archiving system in MOP.
  • 11. Handles collection of MOP old records possessed by different MOP units..
  • 12. Classifies old records into 1. Valuable which will be preserved as a source for historical or research material and 2. Non-valuable which will be condemned after necessary approvals have been obtained from concerned authorities.
  • 13. Educates and communicates the value of archives to MOP’s users’ departments.
  • 14. Stores, archives and ensures protection of archives.
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