Healty and Safty Enviroment

What We Do

The Department works to ensure that petroleum activities are conducted in such manner that ensure a high level of health and safety is achieved, maintained and further developed. It also ensures the systematic implementation of measures that comply with safety requirements and goals.

The Department receives and reviews the health and safety management plans of contractors to ensure that the contractor conducts a comprehensive environmental baseline study that provides an understanding of the existing environment in the contract area. In consultation with the ministry of Environment HSE department initiates and coordinates strategic

environmental assessment prior to the opening of a new area and carry out regulatory supervision to ensure that the health, safety and environmental provisions of the Petroleum Act, 2012 and HSE regulation 2015 are complied with by all who carry out petroleum activities.

As well as it inspects petroleum activities to ensure that the petroleum activities are carried out in accordance with Petroleum Act, 2012 and in accordance with the health, safety and environmental terms and conditions of any applicable petroleum agreement, petroleum sub-contract or license.

Environmental Audit

Ministry of Petroleum has last years launched a tender for a comprehensive environmental audit of all its oil-producing fields in a bid to reduce pollution since succeeding from the Republic of Sudan South Sudan oil fields had never been audited.

The petroleum sector historically caused a loss of grazing land, soil and water contamination as well as other health risks in and around oil-producing areas, the government wants to strengthen enforcement and regulatory oversight.

“South Sudan is now faced with the challenge of balancing developmental needs with the spirit of environmental protection,” the government said in a statement.

Authority in the Ministry of Petroleum stated that the environmental audit would be conducted ahead of any new exploration and drilling in South Sudan, which wants to ramp up production and intends to offer 14 new oil blocks for exploration in a licensing round early in this year. Tender pre-qualification documents for conducting the full environmental audit were collected on January 20th 2020.