Human Resource Department

Functions Of Human Resource Department

  • 1. To develop staffing strategic plan which determine how many people will be employed based on MOP’s needs as well as in compliance with the public service regulations.
  • 2. To develop recruitment plan based on HR best practice and in accordance with regulations of the Public services.
  • 3. Carryout job analysis in order to ensure the right person in the right position.
  • 4. To design job description based on information gathered from the job analysis prior to the recruitment process.
  • 5. Facilitates/conducts induction program in coordination with the concerned departments.
  • 6. To develop HR policies in collaboration with both internal stakeholders( Policy and local content Department ,MOP’s operating departments ) and external stakeholders (Public service ).
  • 7. To develop staff’s compensations and benefits plan that shall meet industry standards and comparable to what others people performing similar jobs in relevant institutions are being paid.
  • 8. The Department is responsible for retention of employees not only through adequate compensations but by constantly addressing factors that keep them motivated to stay working for the Ministry of Petroleum.
  • 9. The Department is responsible for the welfare of employees by ensuring protections and safety requirements and that shall be done in collaboration with Health and Safety Department.
  • 10. To consider and forecast the impact of external forces (external factors) and report necessary action to the management.
  • 11. To design organizational structure and keeps it updated in order to cope up with changes ,MOP’s organizational growth and that shall be made in collaboration with MOP’s users departments.
  • 12. To manage and supervise daily attendance of MOP’s employees (classified staff) and compile report to Management.
  • 13. To manage and issue certificates of leaves (vocational, annual, partial, sick report etc) and report validity and expiry dates to the Management.
  • 14. To set pension and retirement plan in collaboration with the relevant institutions as well as employees in question.
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