Public Relations and Media Department

Functions Of Public Relations and Media Department

  • 1. The Department shall be the MOP’s focal contact on issues related to Public Relation ,Media and Protocol.
  • 2. Identify stakeholders ,partners ,their needs and evaluate the impact they shape for MOP.
  • 3. To conduct research on oil related problems/issues and present responsive solution program to the MOP’s Management.
  • 4. To plan on HR& Media related issues by determining MOP’s needs and priorities and advise MOP’s managements about the necessary actions required.
  • 5. Attend to employees’ social, cultural and religious related issues.
  • 6. Supervise MOP’s receptionists and guards.
  • 7. Conduct promotional events and motivational activities by organizing employees parties, retreats ,open days, courtesy visit etc.
  • 8. To Coordinate boards meetings,conferences,workshops,retreats,seminars and any other public events related to MOP.
  • 9. Manage image and reputation of MOP by performing the following:
    • i. Produce a range of publications (,articles ,journals, employee’s handbooks,etc ) which covers MOP activities, events, occasions, program, and projects.
    • ii. Engage in all activities and everything MOP does or doesn’t do in order to ensure that procedures ,processes , regulations, documents, heading papers, title badges, folders, banners etc are prudently made.
  • 10. Draw up Media strategic plan by researching the available media (government owned media, national and foreign media).
  • Respond to incidents and emergency cases when erupt out in the oil fields.
  • 12. To conduct documentary ,filming on oil activities and other educative Media program.
  • 13. Engage Media, (TV, Radio, magazines, news paper, writers) to cover MOP’s formal activities, or events which requires broadcasting or publication.
  • 14. To brief Media houses about the objectives and schedules before activities take place.
  • 15. Arrange and manage events and occasions in collaboration with MOP’s users departments and partners concerned.
  • 16. Arrange and handle protocol related issues on events ,domestics & foreign missions, travels and that shall be made in collaboration with MOP’s users departments and partners concerned.
  • 17. To observe other protocol issues related to culture and religion of MOP’s oil partners when arranging for meetings ,events and missions.
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