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SPOC’s Contract area is about 20,917 in Block 5A Partners equity: PETRONAS: 67.8% ONGC: 24.2% NILEPET: 08% PRODUCTION: 0.0 Kstb/d (Fields are currently in shutdown mode) Blocks Oilfields Number of Wells Capacity Location 5A • Tharjath 28 in Tharjath Tharjath Unity State • Mala 27 in Mala Central Processing Facility (CPF) 1 CPF in Tharjath Field Processing Facility (FPF) SPOC has no FPF

DPOC has been operating in block 3E&7E since 2001 Blocks 3E & 7E have an area of 50,442 DPOC’s existing stake holders are: China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) – 41% PETRONAS – 40% Nile Petroleum Corporation (NILEPET) – 8% SINOPEC – 6% TRI-OCEAN 5% First oil production was in 2001 and average current production is about 125 Kstb/d Blocks Oil Fields Number Of Wells Capacity Location 3 and 7 Moleeta 88 in Moleeta Paloch Upper Nile State Paloch 318 in Paloch Adar 43 in Adar Gassab 76 In Gassab Gumry 76 in Gumry Central Processing Facility (CPF) 1 CPF in Al Jabalyn Field Processing Facility-Palouch (FPF) 1 FPF in Moleeta 1 FPF in Paloch 1 FPF in Gumry 1 FPF in Adar

GPOC has been operating in Block 1, & 4S since 1996 Block 1 & 4S have an area of 18,6oo Proposed area to be relinquished is about 9,193 while the one to be retained is 9,407 GPOC consortium is composed of the following shareholders: CNPC – 40% PETRONAS – 30% ONGC – 25% NILEPET – 5% Production: 50 Kstb/d Blocks Oilfields Number of Wells Capacity Location 1, 2 and 4 • Unity 98 in Unity Bentiu Unity State • Munga 41 in Munga • El Toor 17 in El Toor • El Nar 25 in El Nar • Toma South 33 in Toma South Central Processing Facility (CPF) 1 CPF in Heglig Field Processing Facility (FPF) 1 FPF in Unity 1 FPF in Toma South

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Today March 8th 2024, the Ministry of Petroleum celebrates International Women day, under the theme: 'Investing in Women: Accelerate Progress'. In his address to women in the Ministry, the newly appointed Director General for Petroleum Authority, Eng. Deng Lual Wol congratulates the women in...

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