ICT Department

Functions Of ICT Department

  • 1. To develop information technology strategies and policies for the Ministry.
  • 2. To provide data and information security.
  • 3. To provide the right vision and leading direction in ICT services.
  • 4. Plans, implements and supervises all IT Projects for the ministry according to the standards.
  • 5. Plans, implements and supervises all IT Projects for the ministry according to the standards.
  • 6. Monitors and provides technical support for ICT infrastructure for the ministry.
  • 7. Follow-up the strategy of the e-government program at the ministry level to ensure efficiency , improved services, better accountability and more transparency.
  • 8. Provides Internet and e-mail services, develops applications and computers' software that will be adopted and used by the Ministry.
  • 9. Handles and monitors the JoCs IT related issues or requests referred by MOP authorities for technical study.
  • 10. Provide technical support to all employees of the Ministry of Petroleum and its sub – offices.
  • 11. Solve all problems with printers, scanners and printers with multiple functions in the Ministry of Petroleum and it sub – Office.
  • 12. Maintain the physical components of computers, operating system and others software when necessary.
  • 13. Run programs and auxiliary applications such as e-mail and others.
  • 14. Provides Technical specifications for all devices, printers, scanners and computers.
  • 15. Technically evaluate the function of all devices and others.
  • 16. Participate in the purchase and inspection of computers, peripherals, printers, scanners cartridges, toners and inks
  • 17. To provide telephone/ IP Phone communication services and effective technical support.
  • 18. To establish and develop IT Platform / infrastructure in all offices and other partners to Ministry of Petroleum. And to regularly maintain and update the ministry’s website
  • 19. To ensure the continuity and functionality of communication and equipment in various circumstances (ordinary - exceptional - emergency).
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