Administration Department

Functions Of Administration Department

  • 1. Maintenance and repairing of MOP vehicles, generators, equipment and machines.
  • 2. Renovation and rehabilitation of MOP’s buildings and offices.
  • 3. Handle activities related to plumbering and operations of power.
  • 4. Monitor usage of government vehicles and report causes of mechanical problem periodically.
  • 5. Regulates guidelines that determine conditions of allocations usage and service of government vehicles in coordination with Department of Policy.
  • 6. Regulates procedures ,process for maintenance and services of vehicles ,accidents and theft cases in coordination with Department of Policy.
  • 7. Supervise and monitor unclassified staff (messengers, drivers, watchmen, and any causal labours.
  • 8. Provide office spaces and other work facilities for MOP’s users departments.
  • 9. Manage and supervise continuous supply of service ranging from water ,fuel, transport and other consuming items.
  • 10. Manage and keep government records(circulars, resolutions, public correspondences or mails etc).
  • 11. Supervise and monitor cleaning and general outlook of MOP’s premises.
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