Procurement Department

Functions Of Procurement Department

  • 1. To conduct procurement of goods and services as required by various end users in accordance with the law.
  • 2. Advise user departments on individual procurement and disposal method practices.
  • 3. To maintain sound cooperative relationships with the users departments through provision of information and necessary advice to ensure the effective operation of the organization as a whole.
  • 4. To ensure submissions to the Procurement committee are on time and in correct manner and to request for meetings when required.
  • 5. To manage pre-bid meetings.
  • 6. Manage bid closing and opening.
  • 7. Manage evaluation process.
  • 8. Monitor contract management to comply with terms and conditions of the awarded contract.
  • 9. To report any significant departures from the terms and conditions to the accounting officer and Procurement committee.
  • 10. Advertise bid opportunities.
  • 11. Issue bid documents and any amendments.
  • 12. Make recommendations for the award to Procurement committee.
  • 13. Require reports from user departments relating to contract management.
  • 14. To choose and prepare tools and processes to communicate with suppliers.
  • 15. To prepare requests for proposals and requests for quotations.
  • 16. To set policies for evaluating proposals, quotations and suppliers in collaboration with Local Content and Policy Department.
  • 17. To supply the organization with a flow of materials and services to meet its needs.
  • 18. To ensure continuity of supply by maintaining effective relationships with existing sources and by developing other sources of supply either as alternatives to meet emerging or planned needs.
  • 19. To develop policies, procedures and required processes to ensure the achievement of procurement objectives.
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