Planning Department

Functions Of Planning Department

  • 1. Prepare guide line and general framework of plans in coordination with departments of MOP.
  • 2. Prepare strategic plans and translate them into short, medium, and long term plans.
  • 3. Monitor development of the Petroleum Sector and its impact on the strategic plans objectives.
  • 4. Prepare the detailed program for the annual plan of the MOP.
  • 5. Collect data of strategic plans and the related budget from various MOP departments.
  • 6. Prepare a summary of the strategic plans and the related budget and present to the Council of the Ministers and NLA.
  • 7. Prepare annual budget of the Department.
  • 8. Provide MoP requirements to the National Strategic Planning in the Ministry of Finance and Planning.
  • 9. Participate in review and screening of JOCs WP&B with E&P Directorate.
  • 10. Monitor implementation of MOP budget performance.
  • 11. Monitor and advise management on compliance with the financial regulations in the budget implementation
  • 12. Analyses Monthly, quarterly and annual expenditure reports
  • 13. Ensure timely budgeting, and ensure budget tracking for variances between planned and actual fixed asset expenditure for all departments
  • 14. Provides advice, financial interpretations, adaptations and corrective actions in response to audits and other queries to ensure adherence to the Financial Regulations and Rules, Staff Rules, Administrative Instructions, Bulletins and Circulars under the supervision/guidance of the Chief Engineer.
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