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Honorable Minister Puot Kang Chol, minister of Petroleum participates today in Vienna – Austria on 8th OPEC International Seminar under the theme: “Towards a sustainable and Inclusive Energy Transition”. During the ministerial panel discussion on diversifying energy economies, the minister emphasis that the best way to create access to the bigger part of the population is to acquire resources to establish renewable energy sources because in the absence of the resources there should be an alternative. The minister said, South Sudan has to build dams and create hydroelectric power and what is needed is the investor and if there is an investor, we can legalize it because the first responsibility of the government is to ensure the exploitation of the resources bestow to us so we are inviting investors to come and invest in South Sudan to enable us using the resource generated from the hydroelectricity to develop other sectors. The best example is, South Sudan had a refinery in one of the states far from Juba and is schedule to produce 10,000 barrels per a day the social commitment were met before we started the day today operations and we faced other problems of the transportation of the refined production to Juba and other states.


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By Santo Akuei Akoon Kuc