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A) In the period 2006-Date, Serving the ministry in various positions since the inception of the Government of South Sudan GOSS in 2005/2006 to date.

Currently working in the Ministry of Petroleum MOP as Director General in the Directorate of Planning, Training and Research for the last seven years since sept. 2014. In-charge of training, Research and planning activities of the ministry.

Worked for about 3 years from Oct’2011 to sept 2014 as Director General for Mineral development under the then Ministry of petroleum and Mining MPM. Pioneered development of the mining legislations including procuring a cadaster system for issuance of mineral titles in the country. Conducted a number of Geological field trips directed towards delineating geological structures aimed at discovering economic mineral deposits in the country.

Appointed as Director General for the Directorate of Petroleum in 2006 under the then ministry of Energy and mining MEM till October 2011.

Responsible for the development of the current Petroleum legislations and copped up with the transition of petroleum sector management from Sudan to the independent Republic of South Sudan. Partook in the Petroleum secretariat management during the interim six years period. Participated in the corporation agreement negotiation in Addis Ababa 2011-2012. Coordinated training and capacity building programs.

B) In the period March 2004-Feb 2006, recruited by Western-Geco (formerly western geophysical or western Atlas) as Seismic Engineer.

Posted to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a position of Chief Gravity surveyor in the seismic Exploration operations in the consortium of; Total, Shell and Saudi Aramco Oil companies and in-charge of Gravity data acquisition, processing and one of the crew’s top managers.

A low velocity layer acquisition and processing head in the seismic Exploration operations in Mala Unity State in the then Sudan and seismic Exploration operations in both Dindar and Sinja in the Southern Eastern Sudan areas.

Posted to Chad Republic as seismic Engineer to partake in the seismic Exploration operations with the consortium of ExxonMobil and the World Bank concession. Played a big role in Quality control Unit and in-charge of data acquisition operations.

C) In the period 2000-2001; shortly worked with the International Petroleum Corporation of Canada IPC as Junior Seismic Quality control Geophysicist for Block 5A seismic Exploration Operations in Unity State and also worked as Seismic Refraction (LVL) supervisor with the Chinese Bureau of geophysical Prospecting (BGP).  

D) In the period November 1996 to 1997, recruited by the Canadian State petroleum Corporation SPC as Deputy Gravity surveyor party Chief. Responsible for the delineation of the current block 4 basin using gravity data acquisition and processing.

E) In the period 1991-1996, employed with the Sudan Geological Survey GRAS as Geophysicist.

Conducted various research projects in areas of underground water survey, pre-construction geotechnical sites investigations including Dam sites and bridges pre-construction investigations, conducting mineral exploration activities and participated in the joint research projects with external partners such as the technical university of berlin.

Hired by a number of water companies and organizations to conduct subsurface water survey activities for various communities in the Sudan with an example of plan Sudan project in the White Nile and Northern Upper Nile States, the Abdulieg of Butana area, Tuti Island e.t.c.

In 2003, employed as deputy Director in the Directorate of Industry and Mining under the then South Sudan Coordinating council.

 F) In the period 1988-1990, employed in grade ‘9’ with the then Directorate of Industry and mining under the then Equatoria regional Government, also worked as a mathematics’ Teacher with Maridi Displaced Secondary School in Khartoum, teaching Math from 1st to final year students and also played the role of Deputy school Officer as well class master of a 1st year class.

G) At the University Students’ level while studying at Cairo University in Egypt:

Elected as president of the famous South Sudan students Association SOSA in Egypt 1984-1986 serving two terms of office.

Secured the current additional scholarships to Egypt for the students of South Sudan in 1985 after re-negotiating the South Sudan scholarship to Egypt at students’ level. Presented a protest letter to the then Abdu Douif former president of Senegal and then chairman of the organization of African Unity OAU in a demonstration against the bombing of Rumbek by Libyan plans in 1985.  

Negotiated and secured a financial support for South Sudan students from the Vatican Ambassador which catered for medical care and Housing rentals.

Secured the African students’ Tournament cup in Egypt after playing Nigeria in the Finals. Secured Air-tickets from the Egyptian Government for the south Sudan students under new scholarship to Egypt wafidin in 1985.

1980, accepted in the University of Juba in the college of Education, specialized in Mathematics and Physics.

1977-1980, studied at Rumbek secondary school and finally sat final examination in 1980 and Member of History society and secretary for the school Catholic Chapel committee.

1975-1976, studied at Buluk Junior secondary school and sat in 1977 for secondary entry certificate

Sat primary leaving examination in 1975 from Juba English Primary school


Position and Duties






Director General for Planning Training and Research

MOP, Juba





Director General for Mineral Development

MPM, Juba





Director General for Petroleum

MEM, Juba





Seismic Engineer/Chief Gravity Surveyor

Saudi Arabia





Seismic Engineer, Seismic operations

Sudan seismic operations





Seismic Engineer, Seismic Operations

Chad Seismic operations





Junior Seismic QC






Seismic Refraction Supervisor






Deputy Gravity surveyor party Chief







GRAS, Sudan





Mathematics Teacher

Maridi Secondary School, Khartoum, Sudan


Directorate of  Industry and Mining





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