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I am a dynamic, goal oriented person with self-determination to input my vital human effort into a systematic process focused on a quality end product and services that understand and meets the customers’ requirements within and outside the organizational situation clause. Throughout my academic career as well as working environment I stand as a motivated and hardworking individual, and I gained skills to work in a network, manage, lead and collaborate effectively with people. These rich increasing experiences have built my confidence in working independently as researcher personnel. For my future career, I see this Doctoral fellow in Geophysics as the way to broaden my knowledge in geophysics and petroleum geology as well as understanding the subsurface. The program covers areas of research that match my interests such seismic data processing and interpretation. I look forward to once again becoming part of a scientific research project in geophysics, a pursuit of career research and experiences of excitement and satisfaction of being interested in geophysics. With the educational values and experiences that I possess, I believe that I have the capability and potential to take challenging tasks in geophysics position.

Personal information:

First name (s) / Surname(s) William Anyak Deng

Date of Birth: 01, January 1976

Place of Birth: Yirol, South Sudan

Marital Status: Married


09/2014 -09/2017: Ph.D. (Petroleum Resources Technology), University of Science and Technology (South Korea), on-going and expected date of completion September 2017. Thesis: Seismic Attributes Approach for shaly sand Reservoir characterization: A case study from the Muglad Basin, South Sudan.

10/2008 -09/2010: M.Sc. (Applied Geophysics), 2010, University of Nairobi (Kenya). Dissertation: A magnetic Study of the Shallow Structure in the Olobanita Wellfield Lower Baringo Basin, Kenya Rift: Implication on the Hydrogeology of the Basin.

1995 -2002: B. Sc Geology & Mining [Honors] Dissertation: Primary Gold Exploration at Umm-Trambishi Area, Vicinity of the Artoli Village, Berber Province.

Work Experience:

  • Geologist in SPLM Directorate of Water and Dams, Nuba Mountains, 2003 Geologist for Dams Project, N.C.A, 2004.
  • Geologist in the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, GoSS, Juba 2005
  • Now Director of Exploration and Development in the Upstream Department, Ministry of Petroleum, RSS, Juba.

Computer Skills:

  •  Matlab
  • Unix and Linux based application
  • Seismic data processing software: ProMAX and Vista
  • Seismic data interpretation software: OpendTect, PETREL, Kingdom, HampsonRussuell
  • Techlog 
  • MapInfo and ArcGIS.

Specialized Training:

  • 2006: Special training on Geology& minerals potential for South Sudan, University of Nairobi.
  • 2011: Resource Assessment and seismic interpretation II.
  •  2011: China National Petroleum Corporation, training on the (BGP) facilities on geophysical data processing.
  • 2012: 8-weeks training program on petroleum development and operation, Stavanger –Norway
  •  2013: introduction to Quantum GIS- Equator Gold
  •  2013: Geospatial database development & management using Arc GIS- Remote sensing [ERDAS] , Mobile Mapping and GPS, Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development, Nairobi- Kenya.
  • 2013: Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production, International school for Geosciences, Korea Institutes of Geosciences and Mineral Resources.
  •  2014: PETREL special training.
  • 2014: Geospatial information system, at Wits University in South Africa

Society Membership:

  •  Member of the International Association for Mathematical Geology (IAMG)
  • Member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists ( SEG)


English, Korean, and undergoing Spanish lessons now

Research & Professional Interests:

My research interests are field –based and in the areas of Geophysics, Tectonic and Basins Evolution. Mainly focusing on seismic imaging, well log, seismic anisotropy, 2D, and 3 D velocity modeling.

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